Yacunã Tuxá
Brasil, 2020
Ilustração digital, 4960 x 3508, 72dpi RGB, software Illustrator

This is a study that strives to transmit the gaze of affection, the gaze of care of one who sees in the elders of their people a door that hides memories, songs, sciences and many stories… In this adverse situation in which we are living, we the Indigenous are not only targets of the virus, but also of a series of violations and violence that consistently afflict our bodies and territories. To remind the world that our bodies are important should no longer be necessary and certainly not urgent. However, it is, and this is a message in itself.

Eduarda Yacunã Tuxá


Yacunã is an Indigenous activist and visual artist from the Tuxá de Rodelas/Ba ethnicity. Her works are strongly influenced by spirituality, memory and the wisdom of the elders of her people and allow a new look at the contemporary Indigenous people who move between their villages and large cities, building a front of resistance.