Kin – The Hope of the World

In these nebulous, dark and uncertain times in which we live, with the shadow of the pandemic that devastates the planet, KIN – The hope of the world seeks to offer resilience, reflection and highlight the power of the word ‘resistance’ in all its magnitude reflected in the strength of the ancestral arts, languages, forms and thoughts of the original indigenous cultures, subverting the process of retaliation with the wisdom and empowerment of people who always have, and continue to defend all manifestations of life present on this earth-humanity.

Graciela Guarani


Part of the Guarani Kaiowá nation, she is a cultural producer, activist, filmmaker, film curator, and audiovisual producer. One of the pioneer Indigenous women in producing original film productions about the Brazilian scenario, her CV includes direction, screenwriting, and photography in more than 10 audiovisual works, trainer for the Course: Indigenous Women and New Social Media - from Invisibility to Access to Rights by @onmulheresbr and TJ/MS, panelist on the International Roundtable on Women in Media and Cinema at the 70th Berlinale - Belin International Film Festival 2020. Co-author of the Special 'Falas da Terra' (Globo Networks).