“Genocídio”, this song by singer Edivan Fulni-ô portrays the disrespect for the Indigenous peoples and the forests that they inhabit. The resistance of Brazil’s Indigenous peoples has remained strong since the arrival of “colonialism”, this disease of the white man that is covered by various layers that harm human life on earth to the point of being suicidal, and particularly harmful to the lives of the Indigenous peoples. The manifesto of artist Edivan Fulni-ô once again raises a war cry and a plea for awareness to those who say they are powerful, without knowing that above us is father Tupã. “Genocídio”, like other songs by Edivan Fulni-ô calls for us to hold up the sky.

Edivan Fulni-ô


Edivan Fulni-ô, is from the Indigenous Fulni-ô and Pataxó Hã hã hãe peoples. He is a singer, composer and musical producer who presents a new concept to the Brazilian, musical, artistic and theatrical scenes. Emersed in various musical styles, Edivan is part of the revival of Indigenous Contemporary Music and Indigenous Futurism. To the sound of guitars and maracás he takes the Indigenous resistance and struggle to musical stages throughout Brazil and the world. He is a Black Indian who uses the stage to struggle with art in defence of his identity. “Indigenous stereotyping is ethnocide, and I came to break this fantasy that gringos like to see. A Black Indian will be reclaiming the music”- Edivan Fulni-ô