Equilibrio from Yawar Muniz Wanderley on Vimeo.

I made Equilíbrio as a second film that involves environmental issues, speaking through the entity Kaapora to produce the argument and discourse of the films. The first film, Kaapora O Chamado das Matas [Kaapora, the Call of the Forests], addresses the environmental and spiritual questions of the Kaapora entity, and its relationship with the forests and people. The second film, Equilíbrio, focuses on the environmental problematic and how civilization has used the planet in a hostile and disharmonious manner. Equilíbrio is a warning for humanity from the spirit of the forests. It was recorded at the APA Kaapora (kaapora.eco.br), on the Caramuru Indigenous Land, of which I am an administrator and where I conduct my main environmental work.

Olinda Yawar Tupinambá

Olinda Yawar Wanderley é jornalista, cineasta, performista e ativista ambiental. Trabalha com cinema desde 2015, quando dirigiu Retomar para Existir. Desde então trabalha com cinema associada à produtoras, produzindo filmes próprios e na produção de mostras de cinema. Coordena o Projeto Kaapora na Terra Indígena Caramuru, pelo qual trabalha com recuperação e restauração ambiental, além de educação ambiental e resgate e valorização da cultura indígena.