A pot by Leide Pankararu

Leide Pankararu


Leide Pankararu Neide Lea das Graças, known as "Leide", is the daughter of the great potter Leona, from whom she inherited this gift. Leide did not have the opportunity to continue her formal education, however, she learned from her matriarch to earn her living through clay, which is a function of extreme importance for the maintenance of the Pankararu traditions. What for many people may be a rustic dish, for Leide is the millenary wisdom of her ancestors of her people, the history told in the talent of manipulating the clay to produce pots, plates, bowls, jugs and many other utensils. Leide was born and lives in the village of Brejo dos Padres until today. She now also cares for her mother, who suffered a stroke. The clay, therefore, thus sustains not only Leide’s family, but the entire Pankararu nation.