Overlapping lands, repossessions of Indigenous lands and conflicts with beneficiaries of agrarian settlement projects

The Pataxó live in a context marked by several conflicts. First, there is a territorial dispute with farmers responding to efforts by Indigenous people to retake their lands. Secondly, there are conflicts with the beneficiaries of settlement projects established by the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra), in areas traditionally occupied by Indigenous … Continued

Land repossession in Indigenous areas

Kai village is located in the town of Comexatibá, in the municipality of Prado in the far south of the state of Bahia.  It lies within the Comexatibá Indigenous Land, which was demarcated in 2015. The community is comprised of 57 families with a total of about 186 people. Since 2015, Kai’s Indigenous population has … Continued

Land conflicts – Tupinambá de Belmonte Indigenous Land

The Tupinambá de Belmonte live along the banks of the Jequitinhonha River in the far south of Bahia, in the municipality of Belmonte in the Tupinambá de Belmonte Indigenous Land. The Indigenous Land covers 9,521 hectares.  It is in the challenges phase of the demarcation process. The far south of Bahia is the scene of … Continued

Drug trafficking related to tourism

The Pataxó live in a region known as the Discovery Coast in the far south of Bahia. With the construction of highway BR-101, inaugurated in 1973, and the resulting creation of a growing tourism market, the Pataxó found that the use of their traditional lands was no longer feasible. They began to work as laborers … Continued

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