Construction of the Itacuruba Nuclear Power Plant

In 2009, the state-owned Eletronuclear company, based in Rio de Janeiro and with offices in Brasilia, opened a branch in Recife, Pernambuco. Its plans at that time were to build a nuclear power plant along the coast somewhere between Salvador, Bahia and Recife, Pernambuco.  The Pernambuco state government initially planned to locate the power plant … Continued

1-Conflict between the Pitaguary and the Britaboa Ltda Company/2-Conflict between the Pitaguary and the Fazenda Pouso Alegre [Pouso Alegre Farm]

The Pitaguary people inhabit the Pitaguary Indigenous Land, located in the municipalities of Maracanaú and Pacatuba, in the Fortaleza metropolitan region of Ceará state, approximately 26 kilometres from the capital. The population of this territory is 3,623 Indigenous people, according to 2014 data from the Indigenous Health Care Information System of the Special Secretariat for … Continued

The Karão Jaguaribaras

1. Introduce yourself and say a little about your people and your village I am Paulo Henrique, of the Karão Jaguaribaras. I am 15.  I am an Indigenous militant and live in Kalembre Feijão, on the border between Aratuba and Canindé. Speaking a little bit about my people, the Karão Jaguaribaras were great protagonists in … Continued